The Nevada Bow Hunters Association was incorporated in 1983 and is a registered non-profit corporation with the State of Nevada. Our mission statement, as stated in our Constitution and bylaws, is as follows:

Our Mission

"To foster, expand and perpetuate the practice of Field Archery throughout the State of Nevada; To foster and perpetuate a spirit of good fellowship among all archers within the state; To encourage the use of the bow in hunting of all game and to protect, improve, and increase the privileges of bow hunters; To cooperate with the Federal and State Governments, sportsmen, and conservationists in the propagation and conservation of game in its natural habitat; To conduct a continuous educational program designed to acquaint the public with the bow and its uses as a practical and humane weapon, suitable under proper regulations for the hunting of all game animals and birds on the American Continent; To cooperate with all existing or future archery organizations, either target or field, in fostering or perpetuating the use of the bow in accordance with its ancient and honorable traditions; To recognize the National Field Archery Association, hereafter referred to as N.F.A.A., as a parent organization, and abide by all the rules and regulations as set forth in the Constitution and Bylaws and policy which govern the activities of the N.F.A.A.".


NBHA offers members an opportunity to compete in five tournaments: the State Indoor Mail-In Tournament, the NBHA Marked Yardage 3-D Tournament, the State Outdoor Field/Hunter Tournament and the Bowhunter Jamboree (an unmarked yardage 3-D tournament) and the Sagebrush Classic, a Traditional 3-D tournament. We’ve offered a variety of awards in recent years that include plaques, trophies, pins, medals, patches, and even money! We are presenting an All-Around NBHA Champion award in each style, gender, and age (except cubs and peewees) to the archers who perform best overall at shoots. A Banquet and Awards Ceremony is held at the Bowhunter Jamboree, which will take place June 18th and 19th, 2016. In addition to tournament awards, the Association gives a silver belt buckle for Adult Bowhunter of the Year and Youth Bowhunter of the Year. We recognize hunters that harvest big game animals in Nevada each year. Nevada Bow Hunters Association also awards the Doc & Holmes revolving trophy and plaque to the hunter entering the largest mule buck from Nevada taken with archery equipment. We award two George Craft revolving trophy and plaques to the hunter with the largest out-of-state mule buck. We raffle off several thousand dollars in prizes, including 3-4 bows. New archers should not hesitate to join just because they cannot compete with experienced archers, we all started as beginners. Also, based on the flight system, it is possible for novice archers to win medals because they are grouped with members of their own skill level.

What We've Achieved

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