The Nevada Bow Hunters Association holds an annual general membership meeting at the banquet following the Jamboree. This year that meeting will take place the weekend of June 18th and 19th, 2016. The meeting will be brief, lasting about 10-30 minutes. The meeting will consist of the Executive Board, which is composed of representatives from around the state of Nevada. Board members serve as a link between local archery clubs and the State Association. The Board meets twice each year; after the Jamboree in June for about 2 hours and at the Mid-Winter Meeting over a weekend in December or January. Our goal as a Board is to keep our members informed of activities, events and news via newsletters and through the NBHA website. Bottom line, there are no long, boring, and unproductive meetings that members are required to attend.

Why Become a Member?
Nevada Bow Hunters Association holds one brief annual general membership meeting, the dues are inexpensive, we offer a variety of archery tournaments, the Association protects the rights of archery hunters, and we promote archery safety and education. Imagine opening the newspaper and reading a small article on the back page titled, “Archery and Archery Hunting in Nevada Eliminated Due to Lack of Interest.” You many laugh, but if NBHA does not begin recruiting new members and renewing members whom have quit over the years; archery will disappear. We are not just appealing for money. We need members who want to participate in shoots, members who are interested in protecting hunting, and will work to make the Association a success. We will have a much greater influence on hunting decisions made by the Nevada State Wildlife Commission when we represent several thousand archery hunters in Nevada, opposed to several hundred archery hunters. We need new people who will become officers and board members. We need fresh ideas on organizing and making improvements. We need strong backs to set up shoots. We especially need children and youth because they are the future of archery. We believe there is power in numbers!